The Pastel Academy Launches on 29th May!!

Special EARLY BIRD Launch Announcement especially for people on this list – you guys have been with me since this journey began.

The Early Bird discount is for 10% discount off any of the membership levels – Silver or Gold, monthly or annual.    It is an offer in recognition for your support and encouragement over the past 20 months, and is my way of saying thank you for that support!


I know from  your mails and comments on the blogs that many of you are keen to join and to learn.  Some of you want to learn or refresh the all important basics.    Some are keen to learn more techniques and/or a new subject area.    One thing we all agree,   what you want more than anything is to be the very best artist you can be.

This is a recent testimonial from Beta member :    

Having been a beta tester on the academy and have helped work out some of the clinches that you get with every new website.  I have found it to be a well thought out and precise working site, I am a fairly knowledgeable using pastels however, I learnt a lot more from watching the videos and following the instructional worksheets, they are easy to follow and explained in everyday terms.

This is going to be a wonderful learning website for beginners and pastelists that are further advanced, I do believe anyone investing their time and affect will benefit tremendously and finish with a worthwhile smile on their face.

I do recommend anyone to join and enjoy the teaching lessons of Heather Harman BA Hons and to tap into her knowledge and experience as a pastelist artist.’

Les Gaston-Johnston

(other testimonials can be found on the Home page of the Academy.)

Check out the Sneak Peak video below:

So what makes the Academy so special?


Well for one thing it is a one stop tuition environment.   Everything is here.  Not just pastel expertese from a pastel professional, but also the fundamental basic principles of painting; not often to be found outside a college course.   So in that respect alone it is a ‘one off’ opportunity.

In addition there is a resource library, a pastels manufacturers directory and a mail order directory!   There will also be a direct link through to Jacksons Mail Order where I have negotiated a 10% discount for all academy members on your purchases!    That plus special items from manufacturers for our Academy Prizes!

But that is not all.   Inevitably what will make this Academy special is the artists that join us, and how much they will learn in the process.   As a dedicated tutor that is my motivation.

There are even Gift Subscriptions you might talk a loved one into buying for you!!

Future Plans for the Academy



It is in its infancy, and is growing both in content and members – which are performing the beta function at the moment; testing all areas!    It has been fun.

With regards to the membership; one question I am often asked is how many members do I want to attract?     The answer simply is,  I do not  have a true idea.   I prefer the idea of the Academy growing steadily rather than a heavy influx of members all at once!   But I dont know and I am prepared for whatever happens.     What I want is to attract the right members – those who will benefit from the Academy and will be a benefit to the Academy.    It is like a private club.  You have to be a member to take part, but members take part in different ways, but that is the true benefit of such a membership;  like minded individuals who are also supporting each other.    Like any educational ‘system’,  people, especially creative people, learn in different ways..    But luckily I have over 25 years art tuition experience.

One aspect that many of you have noticed and mentioned to me already is the Platinum membership.   It isn’t up and running yet, for good reason;  I shall be mentoring many new and experienced pastelists, and a proportion of them are gong to want to ‘go professional’ and the Platinum level is for those who want to know more of the business end of being an artist.  There will also be a proportion who want to become the future noted pastel teachers – and that is my reason for planning the Platinum level training.

Also there will be competitions and challenges planned regularly, for which I am curretly working on an online gallery function.

So there is a lot happening – but the main take away for me is the opportunity to pass on my skills to a truely motivated audience.

So is your artistic future and Pastel’s future sharing the same destiny?



And so now – with the opening of the Academy just around the next corner,  I am asking you;   Are you going to join me on this journey into a new artistic life?

This is the thing.   I can pass on everything I know and you can have your part to play in the ongoing history of this fabulous medium.      If you go on to do that, all the years I have spent dedicated to the pastel medium will have been all the more worthwhile.  And pastel will have a bunch of artists who will take it into the future – with a good education!

Are you with me on this?   If yes, I will see you in the Academy!

The next time I write an Academy Blog – it will in fact be open!


Make use of your Early Bird discount!!


Click here to join the Pastel Academy Online

Meanwhile – check out this Academy Launch competition.






  1. Crystal

    Hi, I’m having the same problem, unable to view costs, sign up, etc….

    • Heather

      Hi Crystal, Here is a direct link – it is to the Join the academy page – the pricing panel is directly below the testimonials. XXH

  2. Ruth Komar

    I am interested in possibly becoming a member but I can’t get connected to the membership. I could not find any fees either.

    • Heather

      Ruth I have sent you an Email. No problem. XXHeather


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