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A good article covering the subject of using hairspray as fixative for pastel    Link to Article


Fixative 2012  A few perspectives on the use of fixative;  how and when to use it.   

Heather’s article on what rules your choice when choosing paper colour.    Is paper colour Important.

How to re cycle pastel surfaces and use them again   Go to article

Heather’ top 15 Hints & Tips when using pastel – very useful information, especially if you are a beginner.  Hints & Tips

 Blending pastel     To Blend or not to blend – a good article for beginners to throw some light on the subject.  

How to organise your pastel boxes:  from Pinterest – a variety of ideas

How to organise your pastel boxes 2 ;   Go to article

how to add texture to pastel painting:  Go to article

Articles on Copyright useful for all artists.    At the bottom of this article are a selection of other copyright related articles.   Link to article

Copyright article relevant to many   Article

Basic Health & Safety of Art Equipment:     Link to article

Directory of Pastel Societies.  pastel societies worldwide

What do you sign your pastels with?    Some interesting ideas in this article.   Link to Article

An article about how to choose pastel grounds – Link to article

Faber Castell Soft Pastels   Faber Castell Link



Review of Pastel Pencil Brands     Review Pastel Pencils

Conte Pastel Pencils Overview   Conte Overview

Pastel Recipe using Gum Tragacanth     Pastel Recipe

Pastel Recipe using Gum Tragacanth 2    Pastel recipe

Making Pastels recipe 3    Pastel recipe

Spanish Pastel Society (ASPAS)  Oviedo Biennial 2018 – Winners paintings.

Video from the Louvre about the restoration of the famous portrait of Madam Pompadour – In French but you can still follow it:

Interesting Video from La Maison de Pastel (Henri Roche)   Pierre Boncompain

 Video Degas and the Dance

Spanish Pastel Society (ASPAS)  Oviedo Biennial 2018 -Gallery tour  Sennelier

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