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The Academy Pastel Manufacturers Directory

The following listings are of the main pastel manufacturers worldwide.      It is not a definitive list, and it will grow and change with time.    It will be regularly revised.    The main company websites are directly linked, as are when possible, the colour charts (many of which are downloadable PDF’s)  and major available sets from each manufacturer.

Whenever possible I will add my own thoughts on some ranges based on my own experience with using them.    My opinions are only meant to act a a guide and of course, a with all things to do with pastel,  each range will have its own characteristics and will respond differently depending on the surface used, and the technique you employ.


Art Spectrum


Art Spectrum Website – Australia’s top pastel maunifacturer – available worldwide

Blue Earth Pastels


Blue Earth Pastels    – USA based – popular pastel.

Daler Rowney


Daler Rowney website  –  One of the Oldest British pastel Manufacturers.

Daler Rowney Pastels Shade Card  –

Daler Rowney Ingres Paper  – also known as Fabriano paper – one of the oldest and most respected pastel surface.

Daler Rowney Pastels

Diane Townsend Pastels


Townsend website   –

Townsend colour charts– 

Townsend Terrages –

Faber Castell


Faber Castell Soft Pastels – 

Ferarrio  Italian soft pastels


Ferarrio Pastels:   (Also known as Artisti)

Girault Pastels (Quentin de la Tour)


Girault website –

Video about Girault – 

Girault Colour chart –

Henri La Roche Pastels


Henri La Roche Shop  – La Maison du Pastel – Paris

La Roche Colour Chart   –

Full Set of Henri La Roche –

The La Roche Legacy 

Terry Ludwig Pastels


Ludwig website –

Ludwig factory   – Great Virtual Tour of Terry’s pastel workshop!

Ludwig sets –

Mount Vision Pastels


Mount Vision   –

Shade Card  –   Mount Vision Shade chart

Mount Vision Sets  –

Mungyo Gallery


Mungyo website    –

Pan Pastels (Color Fin)


Pan Pastel video – One of the newest and most innovative form of pastel medium.

Pan Pastel Techniques  –

Fixing Pan Pastels 

Pan Substrates   – Surfaces for using Pan Pastels

Rembrandt Pastels (Royal Talens)


Rembrandt   pastels – images showing the ranges available – most are clickable links.

Rembrandt Colour Chart – Useful chart and good colour range.

Rembrandt/Talens brochure – featuring Rembrandt pastels and some of their additional range.

Richeson Soft Pastels


Richeson Soft Pastels – PDF for download

Richeson Hard Pastels 

Richeson Pastel Surfaces –  PDF for download

Sennelier Pastels


Sennelier Website Link – Featuring all of Sennelier Pastel info and other products.

Sennelier Colour Chart -featuring all colours in PDF downloadable format.

Sennelier Latour Fixative – One of the best which I can personally recommend.

Sennelier Pastel Card –  Sennelier La Carte – known as Pastel Card – again one I can personally recommend.

Schmincke Pastell (Soft Pastels)


About Schmincke

Schmincke Website   –

Multi images of the Schmincke pastel sets – many of the images are linked.

chmincke labelling system – useful when cataloging or ordering individual sticks.

Schmincke Pastel Primer  –  information about the new pastel primer

STAEDLER – new soft pastels

Staedler new soft pastels



Unison Colour


Unison Website   –   Hand made British pastels

The Unison Range 

Unison video – click to view


Caran Dache


Carandache –

Conte a Paris


Conte Carre Hard Pastels –

Nupastel (Primacolor)


Nupastel Hard Pastels –


Carb Othello Pastel Pencils


Carb Othello Pastel Pencils –   

Caran Dache


Carandache –

Conte a Paris


Conte website 

Conte products –

Conte soft pastels –

Conte       Conte Pastel Pencils images

Pitt Pastel Pencils   (Faber Castell)


Pitt Pastel Pencils –


How to Choose Pastel Grounds  –  an interesting article about pastel grounds.

Art Spectrum – Colorfix


Colorfix pastel paper –



Canson Pastel Paper   – One of the most used and dependable pastel papers and of course – one of the oldest.

Video from the Canson Studio 

History of the Canson Brand –

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