Every artist has an initial moment of inspiration and this revered iconic artist was mine.   This is an in process (unfinished) portrait of Artist/Musician SCOTT ENGEL (WALKER).

I have now published a book which tells of how I became an artist and why.   It is the story of a teenager in the 60's and a developing talent for drawing and painting.  It is also the story of Scott, and incredible artist and his amazing journey from pop star with the golden voice to the iconic name he is today, who was honoured in 2017 with a night at the Proms in the Albert Hall dedicated to his music.

It is also about how one artist can reach out to another as he did to me - moments that defined my life and led me into my lifes work.

A simple story, but one which I hope resonates with all Scott fans , and all artists hoping for a career in their love of art.

The twists and turns in a creative path can indeed be a fascinating thing.





'Didn't Time sound Sweet yesterday.  In a world filled with friends - you loose your way'. 

Into the Void.

Prophetic words.

About the image - this image is not a direct interpretation from a photograph.   It is an original concept based on a photo of Scott taken in Denmark in 1966, whilst on tour with the Walker Brothers, of which I secured a copyright licence from Getty Images, which was the basis of the painting.

The painting is being put into limited edition print in early 2019 and will be offered firstly to the fans of Scott and collectors of my work.   I shall be posting details on this website and if you are interested in the print  and you can register by adding your email into a form which enables me to let you know  when the print is available and how you can order yours.

A limited number of other images of Scott and the Walker brothers will be available in due course.

(The image shown is still in its unfinished stage.)






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