Welcome to Silver Level Membership/Annual!


With Your Silver Level you have access to all the features below, plus a lot more.  The Silver Level is designed both for beginners and for those who have evolved into pastel but missed a whole batch of learning which might well be the missing link in your development and growth as an artist.   Some real Important stuff in this module – and it is not to be missed.


You also have access to the Academy Community!  Enjoy!

You have access to:

All Library resources, Hints & Tips, Manfacturers, Suppliers

CORE TRAINING:  Drawing,  Sketching.  Charcoal,  Pastel Beginners & Basics,

Composition, Colour Theory, Tonal Values, Perspective, ……..

 Monthly Q&A,  Live Theme Sessions

and so much more

So much to pack into your Membership – but all at your own pace of learning!

Happy Learning !


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