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As a long term customer of Jackson’s I have a great respect for the company and its policies.   I have found them helpful and welcoming to ideas as well as efficient and sensibly priced.   For a pastelist it has always been the case that mail order purchasing for our materials is the best answer.  Pastel is unlike any other medium in its breadth and variety and art shops can rarely carry the stock to give you choice.

So I have negotiated an extra 10% discount for you on a specially-selected list of products, providing you order through any link on this page.   After clicking on the link, you will need to add the products to your basket, then log in (or register). Once you are logged in you will be able to use the code PASTELAC10 when viewing your basket or checking out to claim your discount.

Below I have provided some links to some of the more popular items on the Pastel Academy discount list.   In addition I have put together a ‘Heather Recommends’ section for some specific articles that I am often asked about which are not included in the discount list.

Please Note:  Your Pastel Academy discount cannot be applied on top of other promotions or special offers.


Heather's Recommended Products for Studio and Outdoors.

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