A Selection of Self Portraits completed between 1974 – 79.     Note the intensity of the gaze – lost in concentration.   Self Portraits are the best way to learn how to work from a live model, and the time I spent completing them was well spent.

self portrait
self portrait
Elton - rocket records

Work completed in 1979 when contracted to Harvey Goldsmith – Promotor – who took Elton John to Russia that year. Much of the work from this period that I still have is signed by Elton and Ray Cooper – Percussionist and lovely man.

Elton - graphite on paper 1979
Billy Connolly from the Big Wee Tour 1979
Diamond Be

Work of Billy Connolly, Sting, Neil Diamond; just a small selection from the 9 years I worked  on portrait exhibition and in the Music Industry and for Billy Connolly as his Tour Artist in 1979.

Sting Graphite Drawing
HRH The Queen Mother
HRH The Queen Mother

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