Composition – the Foundation of Good painting.

Composition is understanding how to compose a piece of artwork.   It is one of our most valuable tools and understanding composition gives the artist an idea of how to plan and design a painting.    The modules below will introduce you to composition and then how it is used in Landscape, portraiture, still life, and animal portraiture.

How To Crop your work for better Composition

All of the Composition modules give you an overall picture of how to use Composition- which means do go through all of the modules so that you get a more complete picture.

This video is showing you how I think around the subject of cropping an image which is not working as it should.   Even though we attempt to plan a good composition sometimes we dont think it through enough. Cropping often gives us a better image out of what would be a failed or weak painting.

Cropping is a powerful tool and you can experiment by digitally cropping an image before taking the scissors to it.

Learning about Composition is a game changer.  It will put you in charge of your paintings when using photographs as well as from life.


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