Composition – the Foundation of Good painting.

Composition is understanding how to compose a piece of artwork.   It is one of our most valuable tools and understanding composition gives the artist an idea of how to plan and design a painting.    The modules below will introduce you to composition and then how it is used in Landscape, portraiture, still life, and animal portraiture.


How I use Photography In my Work

All of the Composition modules give you an overall picture of how to use Composition- which means do go through all of the modules so that you get a more complete picture.

This is an insight into my thinking processes as I approach a new painting.  How I work live and how I work using photography.   Both approaches need sound compositional knowledge.

How you use photography is a major element of taking control of your original work.  Learning how to use some parts of a photo and omit others is a big step forward.  All too often it is all too easy to copy a photograph, when it is far better to use photos as a reference in you own composition.

Learning about Composition is a game changer.  It will put you in charge of your paintings when using photographs as well as from life.


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