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Do You Want to Draw and Paint in Pastel like a Professional?

For the First time, You can now learn from Heather Online, and join the thousands she has taught over the years to draw and develop their pastel techniques and go on to exhibit and become exhibiting artists!    What is Unique about the Academy?  It is based on feedback advice and assessments from Heather herself!

‘Unlike most of online courses academy doesn’t limit you with time. It will not give you ready to use instructions, that you can follow and get decent picture. But it would teach you basics, which you can use as your base for anything. And most important it would teach you think yourself and form your own style.’


I have found the Pastel Academy to be the most in-depth online learning process that I have been part of. The information, tuition and encouragement gained from belonging has already proved invaluable in filling in the gaps in my basic knowledge, which is showing in the work being produced as a result.

Jim Humphries

‘I used to think i was doing ok teaching myself, but the impact of learning through the academy is having a dramatic effect. Now that i’m learning about tonal values, colour theory and composition from an expert, with individual feedback and critique on my work, i’m coming on in leaps and bounds. Highly recommended! Come be a part of a wonderful community of fellow members and prepare to become obsessive about all things pastel!’

Elaine Whiteside

Let me Introduce myself:  I’m Heather Harman.

Welcome to My World of Light and Colour!

I am the founder of the Pastel Academy Online.     So What can the Academy do for you?!

Pastel has given me a wonderful career and my mission is to pass on my years of experience and skills to you,  and to give you the best possible grounding in the fundamentally important subjects that all good artists benefit from.

I am a fully trained teacher, as well as a massively experienced artist, who has taught pastel and  all the important things you need to know to literally thousands of beginners and improvers over 25 years, to exhibition standard.

Join the Academy and see your work go to unexpected heights!

X Heather

Check out some of the Academy Features in the video below!


MEMBERS WORK -Tonal Values Module

Members Work – Colour Theory Module

See what the members are saying about The Pastel Academy!

I am an artist from a small country town in Australia, mostly self taught. Australia is a big country and I am several hours travel from the city, where art lessons are easier to source.
Being self taught, I believe there to be large gaps in my knowledge of the basics and I look forward to developing my abilities and learning new skills; this has been difficult until now.
Here at the Academy, not only are the basics covered, there are programs to extend the intermediate and advanced artists alike. I look forward to this aspect of the Academy.
The courses are well structured and there is a lovely combination of written and video instructions.
Not only do we have access to feedback from the wonderfully talented Heather Harmon, but a very responsive forum where you can access feedback from other artists as well.
Valuable feedback that you aren’t able to get from You Tube video’s or books.
I am really excited about the ability to learn online, at a time that suits my lifestyle and still access wonderful feedback and support.
Kelli Moore

I am mainly self taught and as a result my learning curve is quite shallow. I want to know about all the techniques and ideas I have not come across yet. There are lots of UTube videos and quite a few books which all help but I do not believe they will match the contents of this site. Heather seems to have got everything you need to know to be a successful pastel artist and made it available here. She enables and coaches and I believe gives you the knowledge to succeed. Interaction with members and quality feedback to learn from, are what I am after as a member. The courses offer a well laid out structure with video as well as written tuition. I cannot wait to learn all I can, not just from Heather but from all the other members too. Peter Howells


‘I am mainly self taught, and  developing my abilities and learning new skills and techniques through the teaching of the Academy. I firmly believe that getting to grips with the basics of art, drawing, sketching, composition, colour theory etc will stand me in good stead in the development of my progress as an artist.

Here at the Academy Heather has put her vast experience as a successful artist, tutor, author and mentor at our disposal. The courses offered are well laid out using a combination of both written and video instruction, as well as a very responsive forum where you can get feedback from other artists as well as from Heather herself.

If you are serious about learning to use pastels correctly and about bettering yourself as an artist, and are willing to learn about the basics which is fundamental to the whole process, then let Heather and the Pastel Academy Online guide you on a roller-coaster of a journey as you discover your “Inner Monet”. We put both the Fun and the Mental into fundamental’.

Fiona Shaw


‘Every thing I hoped for…and more! Heather is a great instructor!’

Cindy Kohler

‘The Pastel Academy and its forums are a goldmine of friendly teaching and information for anybody serious about pastel art; and I believe would benefit greatly those who work in any medium.’


Having been a Charter member of the Pastel Academy, I am absolutely amazed at how much have learnt already.

The site is really easy to use with a very helpful ‘showing you your way around the Academy video’, on the main dashboard.    It is exciting that the Academy will soon be open to more members who can benefit from the whole experience.

Well done Heather Harman for all your hard work at making this happen!

Kris Heard

KayJay arts


I have found it to be a well thought out and precise working site, I am a fairly knowledgeable using pastels however, I learnt a lot more from watching the videos and following the instructional worksheets, they are easy to follow and explained in everyday terms.

I do recommend anyone to join and enjoy the teaching lessons of Heather Harman BA Hons and to tap into her knowledge and experience as a pastelist artist.

Les Gaston-Johnston

As a beginner who had fallen in love with pastels, I had been getting frustrated about how little I knew and where to get good instruction. In the Pastel Academy we have been learning foundational principles of art as well as how to apply them to pastels as a medium. It’s fun, it’s hard work and it’s very rewarding.


”Fantastic opportunity to learn pastels from the best teacher!”

Mandy B

The pastel Academy Online is an excellent place to be if you wish to learn about , and improve your pastel knowledge, and ability. Full of video tutorials supported by PDF lesson sheets, structured learning for all levels of ability and plenty of information on products and suppliers.

Jim Humphreys


“I have been a member for a few months now and have learnt so much, different techniques, tonal values, different mediums and papers, now learning colour theory.

Heather has a wonderful way of teaching that everyone can understand, easy instructions, wonderful constructive feedback and advice. Fantastic reference material and most of all no pressure and lots of fun.”


”Whether you feel you are a good artist or if you are not confident at all-The Pastel Academy is the right place to be! Regardless, how much knowledge and experience in pastel painting you already have, you will learn a lot in very friendly, easy going, fun atmosphere! ”


‘Are you ready to stop playing with pastels and keen to learn how to use them properly? Try the Pastel Academy online. Expect a bit of work, focused firm but fair criticism and a lot of fun.’

Eddie New

How many times have you thought how fantastic it would

be, to be able to watch over the shoulders

and pick the brains of a top

International Professional Pastel specialist?

  • A great vantage point to see all the important techniques, whenever you want, from the comfort of your own home.
  • Not just shuffling for a good view with a dozen other people on a workshop  ( when you can't all get the best view!)
  • And here is the best bit - you will then be able to ask questions about what you have seen!
  • A book or a DVD can't do that!.
  • The Pastel Academy covers all aspects of Pastel.
  • Pastel Pencils,  Hard Pastels and Soft Pastels and the Sanguine Trois Colour Technique
  • All in video format with downloadable information sheets where necessary.
  • Pencil drawing, charcoal and pen sketching also included.
  • A training module for those interested in teaching pastel.

 Well You are in the right place –

Welcome to the Pastel Academy Online

Light is My Inspiration!

 Light in the sunlit pathways and deep shadows of the  Mediterranean landscape has been a real inspiration for me!

 Light gives our paintings ‘Life’!  I will Teach you to paint with Dramatic Light!


Light is My Inspiration!

The Gentle Light of Monets Garden in Giverny – one of the most wonderful places to be inspired!

 Gentle light can be moody and atmospheric!  I will Teach you to paint with Gentle Light!


Light is what gives my Portraits an inner illumination!  The light as it fall on the human form is one of my favourite things!

  I will Teach you to put the light into your portraiture!


Light is My Inspiration!

but so are dogs!

Light is what brings my portraits to Life!   Even our furry friends need to be bathed in light!

Meet Oodles – a rescue dog – given the ‘light’ treatment.

  I will Teach you to put the light into your animal portraiture!



Autumn - Aranjuez, Spain

Landscapes in soft pastel – Impressionist & Traditional

Thorie's Chocolate

Full Colour Pastel Portraiture – the techniques!


I love my Dogs! – Full colour paintings of our furry friends.


Without doubt – the best medium to learn the techniques of portraiture. Using just two colours!

Maria Bashkirtefff

The traditional fabulous Trois (Three) Crayon Method – Sanguine Pastel.

Elton in Russia - Graphite

Our Graphite friend – Full tonal graphite work.   Oh I love my sketchbook!

seashore charcoal

Pastel’s valuable sister – wonderful charcoal!  Wait till you see what I do ‘with’ charcoal and pastel!


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